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THE FOODSHED FORUM is in collaboration
with Greenwich Conservation Commission

The Foodshed Forum (TFF) a program of The Foodshed Network in collaboration with Greenwich Conservation Commission, is an educational and convening platform. Our integrated programs highlight community-based initiatives that are transforming our food system. We bridge leaders and communities throughout Fairfield County, and beyond, by strengthening the connections between food system initiatives. The Foodshed Forum provides tangible actionable steps and practices individuals can take in support of an equitable, resilient and regional foodshed.

TFF's programs facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and best practices among food justice activists, farmers, producers, municipal leaders, policy makers, educators, youth, philanthropists, food enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in connecting and learning about local food. TFF frames the industrial food system through a racial justice lens. Programs integrate historical context to the story of land, farming and the arch of global food production including its through-line as an harmful system, while highlighting initiatives that center care for community and work to reweave, repair and heal our social and ecological fabric.

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2022 + 2023