The food system lexicon

Individuals and initiatives that foster a regionalized, rEgENERATIVE, equitable and just food system

The interrelated connections between all the elements that make up our food system

Resources that advance knowledge and action plans for transformational change

The Foodshed Network platform highlights

The Foodshed Network (TFN) educates readers on the intersection between the dominant global, industrial food system and a parallel regionalized food system that continues to emerge and grow. With an emphasis on the Greenwich food community, we highlight ways in which local residents can use their purchasing power, and advocacy, to protect their foodshed, and support a food system that is regional, regenerative, equitable and just.

We also provide resources that demonstrate how food justice and best practice agriculture provide viable solutions that repair and heal. We believe that transformative solutions happen when we dissolve silos and engage in meaningful dialogues that foster a holistic, inclusive and relationship based approach.

“Activism can be a march, a boycott, a campaign to knock on a million doors or even a handful of seeds: a future, staked in the earth. It can be voices in chorus and a rising consciousness that the way we eat not only reflects, often ignobly, our choices as a society but shapes them; and that we have the power to change those choices, and the way we live.” Ligaya Mishan 

The resources that TFN provides are rooted in an equity framework and explore the ways in which the industrial food system contributes to our biggest challenges; human and ecological health, economic disparity, racial inequity, food insecurity and climate change.

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