The Foodshed Network advances food system
transformation so that people and the earth CAN thrive.

The Foodshed Network (TFN) is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We believe that a socially and ecologically just
food system is an essential pathway towards addressing some of the most urgent challenges of our time. We also believe
that transformation in the food system requires awareness, trusted relationships and equitably represented and resourced communities.

A just food system has the potential to unify and bring people together around a shared vision where everyone has access
to nourishing, local food. Our geographic location, our experience with food as a conduit for healing and our commitment
to systemic change, shapes our role within the constellation of food system changemakers. TFN website houses a network
of resources, programs and partnerships that enables us to bring forth our role and realize our vision.

We are happy you are here, and hope what we offer catalyzes change and benefits everyone who participates. Thank
you for showing up to learn and grow within the food system transformation movement.

We connect, educate and advocate to inspire investment in a resilient foodshed and a just
and equitable food economy, so that everyone has access to nourishing, local food. 




MAY 2023

We envision a food system that equitably nourishes everyone and functions as regional
food cultures rooted in relationships, meaningful story, and a sense of place.