• Serve as an education platform and resource that highlights food justice initiatives and bridges communities in Fairfield County.

  • Convene two programs: Greenwich Food Alliance and The Foodshed Forum, and curate a Resource Library. 

  • Provide a network of resources and experiential learning platforms for anyone, in Fairfield County and beyond, who is interested in learning about the impacts of the industrial food system and the change-making initiatives that are co-creating a better way.

Our goal is to reach those who are at the beginning  stage of their awareness, and help them
understand the:

  'what’ +
       'why’ +

behind food system transformation.

Why must we transform the
food system?


TFN highlights an alternative path guided by community-based initiatives that demonstrate what is possible if WE  take bold steps to divest from the status quo.
The initiatives we amplify offer viable solutions that range from the grass-roots to policy.

They are foundational to a broader vision of a universal food system that equitably nourishes everyone, and functions as regional food cultures that are rooted in relationships, meaningful story, and a sense of place.

The Foodshed Network is committed to food justice: "recognizing that issues of food and land access are deeply intertwined with issues of race, class, and social justice. The dominant US food system was built on Indigenous genocide and land theft and the enslavement and exploitation of Black people; injustices continue today through food apartheid, inequitable land access, and environmental degradation. Our dominant, increasingly consolidated food system exploits people, animals, and land to generate profits for a smaller and smaller number of larger and larger corporations." Connecticut Food System Alliance ~ Lean more about CFSA HERE.