Savory Thymes was a philanthropic initiative, co-founded by myself and Hans Schoepflin, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Founder of the Panta Rhea Foundation. Savory Thymes provided fully supported; thoughtfully and beautifully designed events, for artists and grass-roots social and environmental justice organizations. At each event, activists, artists, enthusiasts, leaders and philanthropists convened, within the inspirational landscape of Hillside Gardens and Apiary, and cross-pollinated ideas, built alliances and leveraged resources. Beauty, abundance, generosity, inclusivity and deep care for community and the earth were at the heart of our shared values. 

For over 13 years, I immersed myself in the Bay Area food culture, and cultivated relationships with the growers, producers and artisans that provided food for our events. Savory Thymes’ culinary success to due to the abundant varieties, breeds, and flavors of the food purchased from the farmers market. My relationships with the farmers, producers and the leaders that Savory Thymes supported, shaped my lasting advocacy for justice and the importance of protecting and fostering regional foodsheds.

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 "Savory Thymes creates an environment in which people with means and social consciousness can come together and feel comfortable to engage and give in a meaningful way. You create context for relationship building, and a context for peoples hearts and mind to open. The Savory Thymes network is a unique ecosystem of major donors and grass-roots activists."

Michael Dimock, Ex Director of Roots of Change 

 The Foodshed Network is a re-imagined + re-Evented evolution of Savory Thymes. 

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experiences that shaped + influenced my career

The integration of my personal and professional paths is a natural progression of discovery and growth. I have been supported, guided and influenced by extraordinary people and places. It is through my relationships that my purpose is given expression, beginning with my family and formative friendships. The teachers, healers, farmers, artisans, colleagues, visionary leaders, culinary artists, spirit runners and food justice activists continue to inspire and expand my journey. I owe deep gratitude to Northern California and New England, for the rich landscape and waterways that carry me through every moment of joy, pain, and beauty. 

I grew up in Greenwich, CT. and graduated from Mills College in Oakland, CA in 1994 with a degree in Psychology. In 1996 I pursued a certificate in Culinary Arts from Natural Gourmet Cookery School, in New York City. After graduating, I moved to the Mission District of San Francisco and directed my culinary skills towards social justice initiatives. An area of focus, at the time, was cooking for organizations that empowered underserved youth with interpersonal skills and opportunity. In 2003, I was presented with the invitation to cook at Hillside Gardens, and I moved to Marin County. Inspired by the surrounding farms, I found the perfect place to fuse my penchant for cooking, with my skill as a bridge-builder, and in 2005 I co-founded Savory Thymes. 

In 2014, after 24 years of living in the Bay Area, I moved home, where I continue to advocate for and celebrate the power of food.


Advisory Board
Community Gardens

Greenwich Food Alliance

The Foodshed Forum

Elected Member
Representative Town Meeting

Steering Committee
Food Systems Alliance 

Thought + vision partner +

Creative Conversations Around Sustainable Solutions

Founding Member
Sustainability Committee  

Founding Member
Food Scrap RecyclingProgram


Event Planner
Catering + Events

Director of
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Savory Thymes

Sales Manager
 Catering + Events 


Founding Member of
Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth Alliance

500 Mile
Spiritual Marathon Runner 

Farm Intern at Occidental Arts + Ecology Center

Participant in Permaculture Traditional Native American Farming Association

Delegate at Terra Madre
Turin, Italy

Farm Intern at Casa Caponetti Tuscania Italy 

Co-Author of 
Pathways to Engagement: Regenerating a Resilient Connecticut Foodshed