Reducing, rescuing & food scrap recycling is an impactful action WE can take as food systems changemakers.

Read on to learn more from Nick Skeadas, Founder of Curbside Compost.

Nick Skeadas Founder of Curbside Compost

I’m Nick, we started Curbside Compost six years ago to address a problem and make an impact. With a million people in Fairfield County and another million in Westchester, we wanted to build awareness and infrastructure to take food scraps out of the trash. In Connecticut, we generate 10,000 tons every day of food scraps, the majority of which ends up in the trash. At 22% of the trash, it’s the largest, least recycled portion of the waste stream, filling up landfills and incinerators which are reaching capacity and closing. When food scraps are landfilled or burned, they release gas and emissions, reduce air quality, and make it harder to breathe for people who live next to these facilities. 

Composting is a solution that not only addresses the waste issue, but also benefits the planet by creating a soil amendment that helps plants grow, returns nutrients to the earth, reduces watering and assists plants in pulling CO2 out of the air. 

We work with homes, schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, municipalities and grocery stores to remove food scraps and deliver compost, garden soil and mulch to gardens in the area. We rely on our clients to participate and they support our effort. As our collection grows, composting is scaling up across the country and world. 

If you work in a commercial location, consider reducing food waste by purchasing less and implementing a food donation program to help those in need. For remaining food scraps, contact us and we will get your composting program going. 

Uneaten food wastes water, energy, resources and money. Compost at home or use a drop off. For home collection in Westchester or Fairfield County, sign up and we’ll bring you a bucket and service it weekly. 

In a world with many challenges, this is an easy way to make a difference! 

Check out this short message from Nick ~ VIDEO

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